Enchanteur is famous for its distinctive scent in their products, which makes it a favourite among Malaysian women. The brand’s conversations are mainly positive but not talked enough when compared to other competitors. The brand struggles with its pervasive fragrance imagery and weak functional drivers, which resulted in its declining market share.
Our goal
To create & enhance excitement, talkability and credibility of Enchanteur Lotion across all digital platforms. The agency is tasked to bring the brand closer to its target audience while highlighting romance through its distinctive scent.
How can Enchanteur play a role among Malaysian women?
Utilising the power of digital content, with the merge of functional and emotional values to capture the interest of Malaysian women towards the brand.
In today’s connected life, romance has a new expression. New age digitisation has given it a twist, a new face.

This evolved state of love allows stories to be shared and experienced by all. Today, these original, multi-faceted romance expressions have no borders or boundaries.

Haruman cinta tanpa sempadan.
The scent of love has no boundaries.​​​​​​​
The idea
Imagine a love story initiated by Enchanteur that’s on a continuous spiral. The love story that doesn't end through the hands of romantic Malaysians. So long as you go on writing.. 
The design rationale
To bring out the depths of love, layers of romance and scent with elements like handwritten letters and roses are picked to capture the hearts of millions in Malaysia.

Prologue - It all started from a bottle of Enchanteur...
Adam and Lisa. Two strangers who got connected over an encounter in a supermarket. Their battle for a bottle of lotion spiralled into a heartwarming love story. From bittersweet moments in a flight to a heroic save at a cafe in Paris...
Where Love Stories Live
We created an interactive website to house all our spiralling love stories for viewers to continue the story, endlessly.
But it doesn't stop there.
Enchanteur everywhere - Ways to call for entries
From unexpected interactive web banners to hijacked real-life moments, we created online and offline touchpoints for anyone to continue the story, no matter where they are.
Spreading the scent of love
We use social media and personalised banners to promote the launch while offering the public a call for participation and an exclusive look into the drama production.​​​​​​​
Keep the love going
Besides crowning a winner, Enchanteur could also bring the many beautiful depictions of romance to life by partnering up with SVOD services. This allows the web movie and its follow-up series to be enjoyed by the rest of the world.
Image credits to all owners. All images used in this presentation are for illustration purpose only. This project includes text and creative materials prepared for the Enchanteur pitch. The materials are preliminary and may be subject to certain rights and restrictions.
Creative Direction - Md Shaidik
Art Direction - Janet Wong
Graphic Design - Rubynee Ravindran, Syafiq Nasir

Account Lead - April Toh
Strategist - Azureen Rusdi

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